(or How A Burgeoning Technology Became A Global Necessity, Resulting In A Shift To A Multipolar Global Trading Regime All Because Central Bankers Tried To Control Something They Never Could BUT In The End, Our Lives Improved)

Goal #1 for this essay was to create the longest run on title ever. Judges?


Credit: Siddhant Kumar

After World War II, the global economy was in shambles. Hundreds of millions dead, economies exhausted by the unbelievable demand that the war machine had generated, global leadership was in complete turmoil, and saddled with a very unclear challenge of what to do next. The United States had been spared in a way that would come to define global economics for the remainder of the 20th Century. The factories that had converted to meet the increased need for items of war now could be…

The technical fabric of money is being built at a blinding pace. Credit: https://unsplash.com/@urielsc26

With the meteoric rise of DeFi, many new terms have entered the crypto dictionary. Yield farming, wrapped assets, white labeled wallets: it seems the list grows by multiple entries daily. That’s just how fast this space moves. One important bit of terminology that has entered the ecosystem is “synthetic.” In this context, a synthetic references a traditional financial (tradfi) asset that is being represented by a token. By representing a tradfi asset in this manner, many interesting and novel investment strategies can be unlocked. Trade ideas that were never possible before can take flight… and perhaps even more interesting is…


We are a group of technologists and finance folks that want to explore the nexus of money and tech. This is going to be big, pull up a chair.

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